Monthly Archives: July 2014

Chris Bosh stays in Miami

Chris Bosh

The free agent forward Chris Bosh agrees to terms on five-year, $118 million deal to re-sign with the Heat. Bosh was faced with a tough choice, as the Houston Rockets offered him a maximum salary contract and the chance to play with Dwight Howard and James Harden. Who actually believes in James Harden during the playoffs tho? Maybe Pat Riley can actually get some credit for getting this deal done. Chris Bosh believes in Miami Heat or loves the weather and the paycheck. Either way he is a champion!

Lebron James returns to Cleveland Cavaliers


Lebron James is coming back home to the Clevand Cavaliers! Now the NBA can really go crazy. Is Kevin Love coming to Cleveland now? Is Andrew Wiggins going to get to play with the best player in the NBA? What a moment in the #NBA!

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