R.O.D Indica

1. On A Mission (Prod. by 808 Mafia)

2. Play Hard (Prod. by Alim Mo)
Feat. Mista & Rizzone

3. Ridin’ Wit That Thang (Prod. by Jroo Beatz)

4. Wat You Want (Prod. by Louie Montana)

5. You Ain’t Bout Dat (Prod. by Alim Mo)

6. Classic Shit (Prod. by Chemist)
Feat. Rellz Tha Postman

7. Bus’ It Open (Prod. by 808 Mafia)
Feat. Cousin D

8. Meet Me @ Tha Store
Feat. Mista & Mars

9. Movie (Prod. by Dizzy)

10. Plenty Money (Prod. by KE on the track)
Feat. Mista

11. Moonlight
Feat. Mista

12. Booty (Prod. by Alim Mo)
Feat. Rizzone

13. On Dat Pole (Prod. by 808 Mafia)

14. We Keep Dat (Prod. by DJ Burn One)
Feat. N.R. & Rellz Tha Postman


About Bright Future

I am using a digital camera and a microphone to let the world know and understand me better. Then I present it to you here :).

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